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Two Hamsa keychain Evil eye stainless steel

Two Hamsa keychain Evil eye stainless steel

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Style; Minimalist

Material: Metal alloys

Color: Silver and blue

Let's be real, a Keychain is an absolute necessity. To hold all your car keys, home and maybe your institution in one, organised way. One doesn't need words to explain the importance of having one, it's just plain obvious.

Now that you are aware of the importance of a Keychain in your collection. It's with great care that you pick yourself one such Keychain that compliments your look. And not just one outfit, but it needs to be fashionable enough to go with any style. Nowadays, there's a huge rise in the popularity of the most customizable piece of jewellery.

Wondering what it is? Why, it's of course the evil eye bead! For mixing this added feature to the Keychain we bring. The highlighting of our latest 'leaf evil Eye Keychain' is yet to be discussed. And you'll find it below, in the description.


The design of this keychain is absolutely worth admiring. The overall length of this keychain ends with being 14 cm long. As of course, Greek Turkish evil eye beads are used in the completion of this keychain. The Keychain ends with a clear polish of silver metal alloys. A highlighting, thick blue thread used to hold the evil eye beads and a dazzling large leaf held in place.

This blue thread starts while looping around the key holding ring. It extends to the 14 cm length and ends with two more evil eye beads hanging. The silver leaf piece is attached along the length. The leaf piece isn't just a simple, metallic polished piece. Rather, it's designed with intricate art. The blue added decoration making a complimentary look along with the silver.

Add this protective charm into your collection. Not only is this Keychain gorgeous, appearance wise. But, it's also highly useful. So many keys and only one ring to hold. When you finally decide, order it soon. As the stocks are depleting soon with the demand.

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